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Such a cute episode with Chaplin’s TV debut!

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The word “no” has, for whatever reason, come to represent something negative — a restriction on free will. No, you can’t nosh on those snacks before dinner. No, don’t wear that because of what it suggests. No, don’t say that because it could hurt your career.

Jessica Chastain sees the word differently. It’s an empowering term; one that encourages self-confidence and assertiveness.

During a recent sit-down with the actress as she promotes her new movie The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Chastain explained to us the importance of assertive women. Along with fellow actress Jess Weixler, her best friend of ten years, Chastain reflected on assertive women and how to encourage other women to be so. (Hint: friends — real friends, like Jessica and Jess.) But, enough with the build-up. These two women’s words speak louder than any summary ever could.

What advice do you have for women trying to work their way up in Hollywood and the workforce in general?
Jessica Chastain: “A struggling actress came up to me — she was really struggling in Los Angeles, and she said she didn’t know what to do because some of her friends were saying she needed to go to all these parties. That’s absolute bull. You don’t need to go to a party to become an actress. You don’t need to schmooze. You don’t need to date someone in the industry. A woman should be comfortable and understand that her value is from her talent and intelligence, and not from her sex. Respect your talent and make sure other people do. A lot of people will try to demean you.”

Jess Weixler: “I think in some ways, as a woman, you don’t want to be seen as hard. You want to be nice and sweet. When men are very assertive, it’s respected. Whereas when women are assertive, they seem harder.”

JC: “But, I’m assertive.”

JW: “Yeah! I think encouraging assertiveness when it’s necessary is key. It’s a sexy quality.”

JC: “Saying no is sexy.”

JW: “Stick to your guns.”

JC: “When something’s not right for you, be it a role or if someone is asking you to do something you’re not comfortable with, you don’t have to please everyone! You know what’s right for you. Saying no and standing up for yourself is the sexiest, most intelligent thing you can do.”

Since you guys have known each other for so long, what’s one thing you’ve learned from each other?
Jessica Chastain: “I love Jess being my friend because she teaches me so much about the importance of lightness and fun. She also gets me out of my house sometimes. It’s easy for me to wall myself away and stay home, but Jess has a goofiness and playfulness about her that brings it out of me. (There are very few people in my life who can do that.) I’m much more goofy when she’s around me.”

Jess Weixler: “I don’t think we’d be friends if I wasn’t. She’d be like, ‘You’re boring.’”

JC: “No!”

JW: “I almost can’t get into the list of how much I’ve learned from her as a friend and as an artist. She’s so committed to everything — both her work and the people she loves. When she loves you, she’s there for you; she’ll do anything for you. When she plays a role, she’s in it. She commits fully in a way that I completely admire and look up to. Having watched her handle how much life has changed, I’ve learned to just go with it, with grace. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend.”

What’s the most important thing in forging and maintaining female friendships?
JC: “Encouragement. I feel better when my friends are doing well and I want my friends to feel good if I’m doing well. I definitely believe in the support system of friendship. That, and loyalty.”

JW: “Encouragement is a good word for it. And, total trust, too. You don’t want to feel like someone is saying something different about you when you’re not around. You want to know they have your back and you’re going to protect each other in any situation.”


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This is amazing, check it out!

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A24 released the first trailer of ‘A Most Violent Year’ which will hit the theaters on December 31st, 2014. Check it out!!

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On Wednesday, September 24, come to “El Hormiguero” the American actress Jessica Chastain to present his new film, “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” (Wanda Vision), who comes to the big screen on October 3.

Chastain which in its passage through Spain will also be in the Film Festival San Sebastian stars in this film centered on a couple going through a bad time and tries regain the love they once had. Jessica Chastain, known for his roles in the darkest night , Mother , The Help and The Tree of Life , has been nominated twice for an Oscar and has a Golden Globe.


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Jessica Chastain is a sparkly beauty from the inside out. Sitting across from her in the basement of Manhattan’s Crosby Hotel, her red hair is cut in Cleopatra bangs that drape her fair, flawless skin. Her hands, expressive but child-sized, give away how tiny she really is. But the focus of the 37-year-old actress — who counts movies like The Help,Zero Dark Thirty and Mama among her credits — is anything but dainty. Her latest project, in which she costars with James McEvoy, is called The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. It’s a daring three-part film that tells — from multiple perspectives — the story of a marriage collapsing under the grief of a baby’s death. In our conversation, the two-time Oscar nominee is lively and passionate.

Grief — and how people grieve differently — seems to be the central theme of Eleanor Rigby
Yes, absolutely. Not just how people grieve differently, but how men and women grieve differently. And also: How you can love someone so completely, where they, like, fill you, but not be able to communicate with them, and how that can be the actual straw that breaks the back.

In a marriage, it can be hard when tragedy strikes, to deal with it together.
Yeah, well, to be on the same team. What does the other person need? I did a lot of reading where writers had written about their experiences of loss, and what had happened in their marriage after having [lost a child]. It was devastating. One thing I found fascinating was a pattern in which some women grieved— it was usually about self‑hate, guilt, and wanting to change something. Change their life, or move away from their history, their past. And the way that men dealt with the grief, was trying to fix it: Like, put some glue on it, and fix the problem. And because [these couples] are approaching this problem from different objectives, and in different ways, there’s this inability to communicate, and to actually help the other person.

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Since coming out of seemingly nowhere in 2011 to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after talents, two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has not slowed down. She can currently be seen in Ned Benson’s directorial debut “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them” (the longer cut, “Him/Her”, opens October 10), which she produced. This fall sees the release of her first film with Christopher Nolan, “Interstellar,” and the thriller “A Most Violent Year,” in which she co-stars opposite Oscar Isaac. And she was just in Toronto to world premiere “Miss Julie,” her drama directed by Liv Ullman. Despite all this activity, Chastain is actually on a much-needed break from acting. Indiewire sat down with the actress in New York to find out what prompted the decision to lay low for a few months.

You were everywhere in 2011 and ran the risk of being overexposed. Yet you’re still here and more revered than ever. How did you manage the crazy expectations placed upon you when you first broke out?

I remember I saw some headlines of some articles that year and I was like, “Woah.” [Laughs] There were a lot of very heavy expectations on what my career would be and I just thought like listen, this is the first year that I’ve had movies in the movie theater, people are liking that and that’s a great thing. I am not interested in being the ‘IT’ girl or the flavor of the month because then I know there’s always going to be another ‘IT’ girl.

I’m a private person when it comes to my personal life and I love being out there talking about film and whatnot, but I try to avoid any tabloid stuff as much as I can because I think sometimes when a person is overexposed it really hurts them as an actor because when you see them as the character, you see them as the celebrity playing the character. You can’t forget and fall into the movie and the world of the film.

That’s how I’ve tried to be the past two years. I’ve been taking a break, this is the first break I’ve taken since this all began, actually since even before I started shooting “The Help” and “Take Shelter”; I’ve been going nonstop since then. And since I finished working with Guillermo del Toro — who I am obsessed with and I love — in the beginning of May, I haven’t worked. Haven’t taken another film, which is huge for me because I’m normally going from set to set or start immediately working on something. I’ve had some time off and I’ve noticed a big change in my life. I love being on a set and being with other artists, but my happiness has actually raised a lot because now I have the time to spend with my family that’s not them coming to visit me on a set when I’m distracted. I can really be present with another person and that’s a great gift.

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Thanks to The Weinstein Company we have the full Q&A of ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’ with Jessica and James in New York last week. Enjoy!

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