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Jessica Chastain has signed on to star in the two-hander comedy PLUS ONE from The Weinstein Company and Gloria Sanchez Productions. The studio is interested in Amy Schumer to play her co-star. Written by April Prosser, the story follows a woman named Rachel that finds herself lost after coming out of a long term relationship. With all of her closest friends married, she has no choice but to turn to her wild and crude acquaintance Summer to be her wing-woman and get her back into the dating scene.

Jessica Elbaum, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are set to produce the comedy, along with Harvey Weinstein. Sources confirm that the Weinstein Co. is waiting to land a director until after Chastain’s co-star is officially cast.


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The first stills of ‘The Martian’ have been released online and they look amazing. Click the thumbnail for full picture!


“Through Interstellar and watching the fun that Annie [Hathaway] and Matt [Damon] had playing astronauts, I thought I really want to do that,” Chastain tells PEOPLE. “It was about two weeks later, Ridley called me and asked me if I would play an astronaut in his next film, The Martian – I jumped at the chance of course.”

To research her role, Chastain spent time at the famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, where she met and learned from the people behind the Curiosity Rover. She even got to spend some time on the red planet, via virtual reality:

“I got to see all the maps of Mars, and participate in an 3D virtual reality perspective,” she says. “It was incredible, as soon as I put the glasses on, I felt like I was really there on Mars. Whether I looked left or right, it felt like I was there with actual images all around me. It was a fantastic way to imagine what it would be like to be on that planet.”

“I need to do another film with Matt, because we have very little scenes together in this film, and he is a pleasure to work with,” she said. “I have been a fan of his work for so long – everything fromGood Will Hunting to The Informant. He is just brilliant, and I think his performance in The Martian is going to blow people away, to see him as they have never seen him. It is exciting for me to watch.”

The Martian is out on Nov. 25.

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Two new official trailers of ‘Crimson Peak’ have been released online, be sure to check them out!

crimsonpeak_28129.jpg crimsonpeak_28829.jpg crimsonpeak_281329.jpg crimsonpeak_282329.jpg
crimsonpeakinter_28429.jpg crimsonpeakinter_28629.jpg crimsonpeakinter_281029.jpg crimsonpeakinter_281129.jpg

Television / Film > Crimson Peak (2015) > Captures: Trailer 2
Television / Film > Crimson Peak (2015) > Captures: Trailer 3

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piaget_004.jpg piaget_026.jpg piaget_057.jpg piaget_088.jpg

Campaigns & Advertisements > Piaget Luxury Jewellery > Captures: Behind The Scenes – Piaget Possession

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I have added to the gallery HQ pictures of Jessica arriving at and leaving Rihanna’s Private Met Gala After Party at Up & Down last night. Enjoy!

JWC_000.jpg JWC_007.jpg JWC_012.jpg JWC_019.jpg

Appearances & Events > Appearances 2015 > May 4 – Rihanna’s Private Met Gala After Party At Up & Down

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I have added to the gallery pictures of Jessica at the ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ Costume Institute Benefit Gala in New York on May 4th. Jessica  was in a beautiful gold Givenchy gown and Piaget jewels. Enjoy!

JWC_001.jpg JWC_036.jpg JWC_039.jpg JWC_052.jpg

Appearances & Events > Appearances 2015 > May 4 – ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ Costume Institute Benefit Gala

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(Google Translated)

True incendiary bomb ticking, Jessica Chastain was a winding path before exploding with Zero Dark Thirty , a film that has permanently installed at the top of the Hollywood pyramid. Now inevitable, she appeared in Interstellar  and a most violent year , two surprises of 2014. The autumn 2015 promises to be as exciting with Crimson Peak , Guillermo del Toro, and The Martian , Ridley Scott. But this curious and Francophile eternal claimed also takes the time to breathe in other lands. Became the muse for Yves Saint Laurent perfume Manifesto, she was recently appointed international ambassador for Piaget Possession ring for her, created in 1990 and revisited this year (to discover in the new flagship Piaget, 7, rue de la Paix ). So, Paris is the city of his elective affinities. Installed in following an elegant, Jessica Chastain received us smiling because she knows that France returns his affection hundredfold.

Madame Figaro. – What do you like about the French brands?
Jessica Chastain. – I like all French culture. And it is a great honor to have been chosen to represent the Piaget Possession ring. I love it. For as long as I wear rings, I have always been part of those who turn them constantly. And it’s amazing how well it lends this ring – it’s a real toy! It relaxes me, it’s like a talisman that I can not part with it.

What did you do during your visit to Paris?
I attended the Givenchy fashion show with Isabelle Huppert. We shot together in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby , and since we are close. Isabelle is my muse, my inspiration.

Will he other women who arouse such admiration at home?
My grandmother. She has always lived according to his choice and was the first to make me understand that I was not obliged to enter into a box or to conform in any way whatsoever.

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cover01.jpg offcamera.jpgJessica graces the cover of Off Camera issue and also we have the full audio and some videos from the conversation. Jessica talked about her career, her beginnings, her exacting acting process, working on “The Tree Of Life,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Interstellar” her desire to work with more females and more. Enjoy.



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Here are the first pictures of Jessica as the ambassador for Piaget jewellery. She looks absolutely gorgeous, so, be sure to check them out.

001.jpg 002.jpg nopic.png (120×130) nopic.png (120×130)

Campaigns & Advertisements > Piaget Luxury Jewellery > Possession Jewellery

The choice of something unique

The Possession ring cultivates its uniqueness with its powerful aesthetics and sensory magic. This unique character echoes the expectations of today’s woman – a city girl free of all dictates, who changes from denim to cocktail wear in a blink of an eye, just like Jessica Chastain, international ambassador for the Maison Piaget. Captivated by the new Possession ring, the flamboyant actress adopted it immediately.

“I love the Possession ring. Ever since I’ve worn rings, I’ve always been the girl who likes to turn my rings on my fingers. And how incredible that it’s actually designed to turn! It feels playful and as I wear it, I am constantly in a meditative state. I am always turning it. It is very addictive”.


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